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Institutional Quality

Real Estate Investment & Market Analysis

Providing local real estate investors with quality investment solutions.

Institutional Quality Analysis, Made Accessible

At RE Financial Modeling, we recognize that not every real estate deal is the next Rockefeller Center.  For every $100 million dollar transaction closed at the top of the industry, there are a dozen smaller deals done at the local level.  Let us help lend a competitive edge to your local real estate investments by bringing you the same institutional quality analysis of the big guys, on a smaller scale.

What We Do:

Deliver institutional quality real estate investment analysis utilizing Microsoft Excel and industry leading market research databases.  

Who We Serve:

We serve small to medium scale real estate investors, developers, brokers, and lenders who are in need of a qualified analyst on a contracted basis.  We understand things change and you may not have the capacity or need to bring on a new employee full time.  Our services are ad hoc, so we are here to help when you need it - and happy to stand by when you do not.  

Who We Are:

Former Manhattan based commercial real estate analyst with hands on analysis experience in over $4.6 billion worth of CRE acquisition & development assets spanning all property types.


Financial Modeling

Custom and pre-templated financial models.

Market Analysis

Rent comps, market overviews, supply pipelines & more. 

Financing Proposals

Offering memorandums and bank proposal packages.

And MORE...

Investment & asset management solutions for any property type.

Meet the Founder

Matt Caruso, Founder, Analyst

Matt Caruso formed Real Estate Financial Modeling in 2020 as an effort to capitalize on his passion for entrepreneurship and extensive experience in real estate analysis.  Born and raised in NJ, he comes from a long family history of construction and development professionals and entrepreneurs.  After graduating top of his class from Penn State University's Smeal College of Business with a degree in Real Estate Finance (Summa Cum Laude), he began his career as a full time analyst in Manhattan for Wells Fargo Commercial Real Estate, specializing in the financing of real estate acquisition & development transactions.  Over the course his tenure, he was responsible for the underwriting of over $10+ billion worth of new and existing real estate across all asset types collectively representing over 10,000+ multifamily units and over 7.5+ million square feet of commercial space.  Prior to joining Wells Fargo, he worked as a Summer Analyst at both Silverstein Properties and Advance Realty where he gained valuable experience in the fundamentals of real estate analysis. Today, he spends time both continuing his work at Wells Fargo and pursuing ad hoc real estate investment analysis for investors, brokers, and lenders on a freelance basis.

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