Office/Commercial Acquisition - Excel Model

The office/commercial acquisition model is the most comprehensive model to date.  The model is engineered to capture a wide array of inputs, assumptions, and scenarios for an array of investment analysis needs.

Overview of Model Tabs

Investor Summary:  The investor summary tab is a printable, two page summary of the investment outputs and information including property level IRR and equity profit, venture level waterfall returns, an abbreviated five year cash flow summary, a waterfall return summary, and an asset, location, and sponsor summary description.

Assumptions: The assumptions tab is where the majority of your investment assumptions will be input for the financial model.  Examples of assumptions include purchase price, debt amounts, market leasing assumptions, expense and inflation assumptions, and future capex expenditures to name a few.

Rent Roll: On the rent roll tab, you can find a conveniently summarized chart of which the user can input the existing rent roll of the property as well as speculative leasing that the investor plans to accomplish as part of their business plan.

Sources & Uses: A tab that summarizes the calculated sources of funds and uses of funds for the subject investment.

Financing:  The financing tab summarizes the yearly amortization and interest payment calculations based on the financing assumptions input on the Assumptions tab.

Monthly & Annual Cash Flows:  The model is equipped to calculate both monthly and annual cash flows over a 10 year period.  The detail of this tab can be hidden/shown to visualize granular detail of the cash flows on a tenant by tenant basis.

Partnership Cash Flow:  The partnership cash flow tab calculates the waterfall return of both the LP and GP of the deal based on the assumptions input for deal return.

Error Checking: The error checking tab is equipped to report on the status of the financial calculations.  If the error checking boxes return a "FALSE" output in any of the cells, you can trace back to potential errors made along the way.